Walkie Talkie Battery

Original Motorola Walkie-Talkie Dp4400e Xirp8600I Dgp5050e Suitable for UHF/VHF Handheld Walkietalkie Digital Intercom

Very high frequency (136-174MHz); ultra high frequency (403-527MHz)
32 channels
Large, textured push-to-talk button for ease of use
3 programmable buttons improve ease of use and increase operator efficiency
Tri-color LED provides clear visual feedback of radio operating status
Analog and digital compatible
emergency button
Fast, easy-to-use group, individual and collective calling capabilities
Digital phone patch function
Complex emergency calls
PTT ID helps improve communication efficiency and system discipline
Remote monitoring function
Elegant channel scanning solution helps ensure first call every time
Basic/Enhanced Privacy
Purchase AES256 encryption through software
Voice control capability
Send interrupt
lonely worker
5 tone signal
Options board functions
Smart audio allows automatic radio volume adjustment to compensate for background noise
TIA4950 HazLoc certified option (with TIA battery option)
Pass-through mode (including dual-capacity pass-through mode)
IP site connectivity (single-site and multi-site)
Capacity enhancement (single-site and multi-site)
Get maximum capacity by purchasing software
Purchase Connect Plus via hardware and software
Memory (128MB RAM and 256MB Flash)
Supports vibrating belt clip